Health and safety

HS Orka strives to be an accident-free workplace and the key to achieving this is preventive action. One aspect is identifying hazards that could potentially cause incidents, and registering them. An initiative was subsequently launched and 136 hazards and near-miss incidents had been registered in the company's reporting database by the end of the year. This can be seen as quite an achievement as the number of registered hazards is tenfold when compared with the previous year. The graph below clearly shows these results. These efforts and their outcomes reflect the company's increased focus on this important issue.

Accidents, Incidents and Hazards 2014-2017 (HS Orka)

Accidents, Incidents and Hazards 2014-2017 (Contractors)

The aforementioned registration is one of the most important tools used by the company to increase workplace safety. In addition to identifying potential hazards, the system encourages employees to participate in the safety management process and additionally it raises awareness with regard to hazards in the work environment and how to minimise them. The registration process must be as simple and accessible as possible, and HS Orka worked concurrently in that direction.

HS Orka Accident Frequency

There is no clear pattern with regard to accident rates in recent years. The company's accident rate increased between years, as one accident occurred, but none in 2016. The aforementioned actions are part of the preventive measures designed to reduce the accident rate to 0 and to keep it there.