Overview of the year

Bill. ISK
Operating revenue
Bill. ISK
Equity Ratio
Total production
Hot water
Thousand m3
25. janúar 2017
IDDP2 drilling completed

1. febrúar 2017
Completion of IDDP 2 drilling phase celebrated

8. febrúar 2017
Repairs to well RN-30 completed

14. febrúar 2017
HS Orka makes successful bid for tender released by the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration

27. febrúar 2017
Financial Statement for 2016 published

23. mars 2017
Housewarming party at Svartsengi

28. mars 2017
HS Orka´s Annual Meeting

10. maí 2017
IDDP2 Post Drilling Workshop

16. maí 2017
Announcement: Possible sale of 30% share of Blue Lagoon

6. júní 2017
HS Orka awarded Energy Globe Award for the Resource Park

1. júlí 2017
5 year re-conditioning of system 2 in Reykjanes

3. ágúst 2017
Decision made against the sale of HS Orka‘s shares in the Blue Lagoon

10. ágúst 2017
Figures for first half of accounting year published

3. september 2017
Preparation work begins on the Brúarvirkjun project

14. september 2017
Loan agreement signed with Arion Bank

22. september 2017
Autumn Meeting of the Women in Energy Affairs Association held at Svartsengi

25. september 2017
Drilling completed on well 35 in Reykjanes

31. október 2017
Merger announced between Alterra and Innergex

10. nóvember 2017
Figures for first nine months of accounting year published

16. nóvember 2017
Power Purchase Agreement signed between HS Orka and Icelandair

17. nóvember 2017
Contract signed between HS Orka and Eignaumsjón

7. desember 2017
Drilling begins on well RN-36

7. desember 2017
Well 26 connected

19. desember 2017
Annex to the framework agreement with Advania, on increased electricity sales to data centers, signed