Human resources

The year 2017 was our first full year of operations after transferring our offices to Svartsengi. The move proved successful and the HS Orka team is now closer than ever.

HS Orka‘s Human Resources Policy is to ensure a work environment where expertise, know-how, work satisfaction, professionalism and mutual respect play a central role. The company has also introduced a gender equality plan in accordance with Act no. 10/2008 on gender equality. An initial assessment on equal pay certification has been completed and implementation is expected to reach completion in the spring.

We believe that a coherent policy on employee and gender equality will attract and retain outstanding employees and also reflects our values: ambition, honesty and foresight.

The main focus of the HR policy is career development, lifelong learning, the job and the family, safety issues, terms of employment, communication, ethics and health.

Employee Recognition in December - 180 years of work experience

One of the objectives in 2017 was to increase employee committment by 0.15 points. A workplace survey was carried out in November and the results showed that the objective had been achieved as committment had in fact increased by 0.25 points. Workplace satisfaction had also increased by 0.30 points.

Employees appreciated the introduction of the tool as it makes knowledge sharing much easier within the company.

HS Orka now uses the collaborative platform ‘Workplace’, run by Facebook.

Employees are encouraged to look after their health and the company provides facilities to promote this approach. The HS Orka team has a number of bike enthusiasts who participated in the WOW Cyclothon for the third time this year.

Six employees left the company in 2017 and five new employees joined our team. There were 59 full-time employees at year-end as well as a number of temporary employees.




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