Resource Park

The park operates under the motto ‘Society without waste’. The companies involved in the park must ensure that all resource streams that flow to and from their operations are utilised to their full potential, in a responsible manner and to the benefit of society. The Resource Park was created by HS Orka to raise awareness of the valuable resources entrusted to the Company and the importance of ensuring the sustainability of energy resources for future generations.

HS Orka utilises seven resource streams from electricity and hot water production. The resources are precious and must be utilised responsibly, prudently and carefully. Multi-purpose utilisation supports responsible utilisation and sustainable development within society.

The Resource Park continued to grow and strengthen last year as new companies joined us and more job opportunities were created in the Suðurnes area. HS Orka works systematically to secure the partnership of new, specialised companies for the park who can utilise the resource streams available. More diverse and specialised companies that base their activities on research and development are providing funding for the park and support the ideas behind it.

The employees at HS Orka are strongly influenced by Albert Albertsson (the concept creator of the Resource Park) who has always focused on responsible production and processing and has encouraged employees to live and work in nature but not at its expense. According to Albert's philosophy, imagination is the only limiting factor in development.

The Resource Park is the offspring of these theories.